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Lottie Retro Flower Blanket Crochet Pattern

Brand New Pattern

Lottie Retro Flower Blanket

It’s flowery, it’s retro, what more could you want?

Lottie Retro Flower Blanket Crochet Pattern

Craving Crochet Colorwork?

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Great First Graphgan Projects

Mini Mountains Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern

Small, simple graphgans to get you started​

For The Plant Lovers

Pastel Meadows Throw Crochet Pattern

All the floral graphgans you could wish for

Give Me All The Animals

A real menagerie of crochet patterns

Anything But Blankets

Just as colorful as graphgans, but smaller

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Welcome To Graphgan School

Your ultimate free resource for learning all things graphgan.  Mastering chart reading, color changes, designing your own patterns and so much more.

All Your Faves

The Popular Ones

My most popular patterns in one place….

Moon And Hare Blanket

Embrace the mystique of the Moon and Hare Blanket pattern, where intricate colorwork stitches tell a captivating story under the gentle glow of the moon.

Mini Mountains Baby Blanket

Wrap your little one in warmth and comfort with our crochet pattern for a baby blanket featuring a stunning mountain landscape design that will inspire many adventures to come.

Crocheted blanket with monstera leaf motif

Monstera Throw

Crochet your way to a tropical paradise with our pattern for a beautiful and unique blanket featuring a bold Monstera leaf design.

Pastel Meadows Throw Crochet Pattern

Pastel Meadows Throw

A stunning creation that will bring a burst of floral beauty to any room! This delightful blanket features big, blooming flowers in a soft and soothing pastel color scheme.

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Spoiler Alert: My Name Isn’t Willow

Meet The Maker

Hey there! I’m Lauren, the creative force behind Willow Crochet. With a passion for vibrant colors and intricate designs, I specialize in bringing graphgans to life. As a crochet enthusiast with years of experience, I love sharing my crafty journey and inspiring others to unleash their creativity through crochet.

At Willow Crochet, it’s just me, Lauren, on a mission to share top-notch colorwork patterns and tutorials with you.

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