Hobbii Yarn Review

Unraveling the World of Hobbii

If you’ve never experienced the sheer yarn-joy that Hobbii has to offer, hold onto your crochet hooks. You might find yourself feeling a bit overwhelmed by the endless selection, wallet-friendly prices, and constant sales that seem almost too good to be true.

However, let me assure you that as someone who has had the pleasure of using Hobbii yarns for an extensive period of time, I can say that they truly live up to the hype.

Today, I’m gonna take a deep dive and give you the lowdown on 5 Hobbii yarns. We’ll focus on how suitable these yarns are for colorwork projects. We’ll decode why these yarns are your ultimate sidekick, whether you’re a colorwork maestro or just dipping your toes into the rainbow-hued waters.

With their vibrant and eye-catching colors and amazing stitch definition, these yarns really bring your colorwork projects to life and take them to the next level.

Marvelous Malaga: A Familiar Friend

Hobbii Malaga Yarn

Ah, Malaga, the familiar friend I once considered a favorite for graphgans, especially when I crafted my beloved Monstera Throw pattern a couple of years ago. Back then, its acrylic softness and plush feel wowed me, making me dream of endless crochet possibilities.

But revisiting it now, the magic has slightly faded. It’s still a dependable 100% acrylic yarn, no doubt, but the ‘wow’ factor isn’t as strong as before. In a market bursting with acrylic options, Malaga doesn’t shine quite as brightly anymore.

Crocheted blanket with monstera leaf motif

Sure, it boasts 26 colorways in its standard range, but here’s the puzzling part – no black? A surprising omission, considering this is a staple in any yarn enthusiast’s palette. However, Malaga redeems itself with its eclectic siblings.

Enter Malaga Print, showcasing 7 variegated colorways that add a touch of artistic flair, and Malaga Glitter, offering 6 sparkling options that infuse a hint of magic into every stitch. These variations, particularly in the realm of colorwork, provide a unique edge that the other yarns I’m exploring today lack.

While Malaga may not be my ultimate choice anymore, its extended family of prints and glitters piqued my interest. There’s something about the potential for creativity within these variegated and sparkling strands that’s hard to resist.

Friends Cotton 8/8: A Vivid Color Wonderland

Hobbii Friends Cotton 8/8 Yarn

Friends Cotton 8/8, a yarn that completely shifted my perspective on cotton. With a staggering selection of 75 colors, it’s like stepping into a candy store for crocheters. Typically, I don’t venture much into the realm of cotton yarns, but how could I resist such a vivid palette? The sheer diversity of hues in the Friends Cotton range is a colorwork enthusiast’s dream.

Initially, I didn’t hold high hopes; my previous encounters with cotton yarn left me unimpressed, to say the least. But oh, how this yarn surprised me.

The moment my hook met Friends Cotton, I was greeted by unexpected softness and a stitch definition that made my crochet work truly pop. It’s a delightful departure from the rough and lackluster cotton I had experienced before. Priced at just £1.27 per ball, it’s not just the color range that’s appealing. The affordability factor makes it a steal for any crafter.

While I might not choose cotton for a cozy blanket, I can already imagine it transforming into a stylish bag or a set of vibrant coasters. The versatility of Friends Cotton is its true charm. I found a reliable companion in this yarn, one that I’ll certainly be reaching for in my future projects.

Acacia: Harmonious Blend of Acrylic and Cotton

Hobbii Acacia Yarn

After falling in love with cotton, I was even more eager to dive into this delightful blend, and it didn’t disappoint. Comprising 51% acrylic and 49% cotton, Acacia offers the best of both worlds for crafting. Despite its modest 21 colorways, Acacia surprised me with its sophisticated and harmonious palette.

While it might not boast the largest selection, the muted tones it offers are nothing short of enchanting. I couldn’t help but imagine it in action, especially when paired with the Pastel Meadows Throw. Granted, it’s a DK-weight yarn, but doubling it up for that project would undoubtedly create a dreamy masterpiece.

Pastel Meadows Throw Graphgan Pattern

In the initial moments, I noticed a slight tendency for splittiness, particularly during the foundation chain. However, this minor hiccup vanished as I delved further into my work. Once past those initial rows, it was smooth sailing all the way. Acacia proved to be another soft contender in the yarn world, with a stitch definition that truly shines in colorwork projects.

I couldn’t help but wonder, though – what if Acacia existed in a worsted weight? The idea tantalized my creative senses. Despite its minor quirks, this yarn managed to win me over with its potential. It’s a versatile canvas waiting to be transformed into a myriad of beautiful creations.

Kind Feather: Elegant Premium Acrylic Magic

Hobbii Kind Feather Yarn

Kind Feather is a yarn I’ve been eagerly eyeing for quite some time, and I can happily say it lives up to the anticipation. Made from 100% premium acrylic, it truly radiates quality. One of the things I love about it is the subtle sheen it carries, adding a touch of elegance to your projects.

Working with Kind Feather is an absolute delight. It glides through your fingers and hook with ease, making it a great choice for both beginners and seasoned crocheters. What’s even more exciting is the colors it offers – 30 colorways spanning the entire rainbow. Whether you’re into vibrant, bold hues or more muted, understated tones, Kind Feather has something for everyone.

The only thing I’m left wishing for is a worsted-weight version of this fantastic yarn. Imagine all the cozy, snuggly blankets we could create with it. Hobbii, if you’re listening, take note!

Amigo XL: Hobbii’s Reliable Workhorse

Hobbii Amigo XL Yarn

Now, Amigo and I go way back. I’ve designed not one, not two, but three dog-themed graphgans with it. (By the way, you can snag those patterns for free on Hobbii’s website – they’re the Labrador, Dachshund, and French Bulldog graphgans.)

Hobbii Dog Graphgan Patterns

I like to say, that every yarn company worth its salt has its version of what I affectionately term ‘standard acrylic,’ and Amigo is Hobbii’s reliable champion. This 100% acrylic yarn is a workhorse, and it’s no surprise that it boasts an impressive palette of 61 vibrant colors.

While the color variety is undeniably vast and enticing, I’ll be honest – Amigo XL doesn’t exactly fall under the category of the softest acrylic yarns out there. However, what it might lack in plushness, it compensates for in durability and affordability. It’s the kind of yarn you turn to when you need something sturdy, dependable, and available in nearly every shade under the sun.

Dive into the Hobbii Universe: More Than Just Yarn

Our colorful journey through Hobbii’s yarns has been nothing short of delightful. We’ve unraveled the secrets of Malaga’s charm and marveled at Friends Cotton’s versatility, while Acacia’s blend surprised us with its softness and stitch definition. Amigo XL, though not the softest, earns its place with an impressive color palette and unwavering durability.

But wait, there’s more to the Hobbii experience than just yarn. Have you heard of the Hobbii Bingo App? It’s an app that you can download and play weekly for free to win Hobbii yarns! Yes, you heard that right. I’ve even been lucky enough to score some yarn in the past, and I can vouch for its amazingness.

And if you’re feeling competitive, each month, Hobbii hosts exciting competitions that challenge your knitting and crochet skills, putting your creativity and talent to the test. Participate for a chance to win Hobbii gift cards and showcase your craft to our vibrant community! What makes these competitions even more special is that you and your friends get to cast the votes and decide the winners! So, share your creations, gather support from fellow crafters and loved ones, and aim for victory.


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