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If you’re desperately trying to find the perfect gift for a friend or family member who loves crochet, look no further! I’ve done all the hard work for you and compiled a list of ten things any crocheter would love to receive. Now, if you don’t know much about crochet, the idea of buying crochet related presents may be a little daunting but don’t worry, I’m going to walk you through lots of different crochet products and explain why they may or may not be a good crochet gift choice. 

Whilst the title of this post may say ten gift ideas for crocheters, I actually have ten categories and each of them has multiple products so you’ve got plenty to choose from. Before finding your way to this page you may have tried to find a crochet gift by yourself. You might have thought yarn would be a great present (you’re right!) but upon searching for yarn realised there was too much choose from and you didn’t know where to begin. This is understandable, there’s a lot of yarn out there and if you have no experience crocheting or knitting you’ll have no idea what to buy. However, the first section of this post is going to address all things yarn when it comes to picking out crochet Birthday or Christmas gifts.

We won’t only be looking at yarn though, there’s plenty of tools and accessories which make great gifts for crocheters and in many cases will be more suitable than yarn. I’ve tried to include products of a wide range of prices so you can find the right crochet present on any budget.


crochet christmas gift idea - yarn

Now, as I mentioned earlier yarn is a great gift for crocheters. I think almost every crocheter would love to receive yarn this Christmas and many of them will tell you – there is no such thing as too much yarn! However, yarn can be difficult to buy if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Especially as some crocheters only use certain types of yarn. For example, if you have a crocheting friend who only makes lace shawls, gifting them a very bulky yarn wouldn’t be a great idea.

With that being said you can still buy yarn as a Christmas gift. The first piece of advice I would give is to buy directly from a good yarn supplier, this will help ensure you buy a good quality yarn. Whilst it may be tempting to buy the big cheap bundle of yarn from Amazon, the yarn will probably be low quality and not soft to the touch. My favourite place to purchase yarn online is Lovecrafts, they have a great selection of yarns and new deals every day. 

As I’ve said, yarn might not be the easiest thing to gift to a crocheter but if you are set on buying it, I would recommend a DK weight yarn. That might not mean much to you but, yarn can come in different weights (or thickness) from very fine to very bulky. DK weight yarn is right in the middle, it’s a medium weight yarn which makes it very versatile. It’s the yarn I buy most often and can be used for stuffed animals, blankets, sweaters and a variety of home decor. I think it’s a fairly safe bet that most crocheters can find a use for DK weight yarn. The brand I recommend and use more than any other is Stylecraft, it’s good quality for the price and comes in a wide range of colours. Alternatively, Lovecrafts have their own range of yarns called Paintbox which can be bought in a 10 pack of different colours.


crochet christmas gift idea - crochet hooks

After yarn, the second most obvious Christmas gift for a crocheter is probably crochet hooks. When you think of crochet hooks, you probably imagine the standard metal hooks which every crocheter starts off with. Whilst the hooks are perfectly fine, there are far more interesting hooks out there which can make for a fun, unique crochet gift. 

First off, you can find a range of hand-carved crochet hooks available in our shop. They’re made from fallen branches and whittled into crochet hooks giving them a rustic look. Each one is completely unique so you can be sure you’re buying something that your crocheting friend doesn’t already own!

If wooden hooks aren’t what you’re looking for, I’d suggest looking on Etsy for handmade hooks. There’s a huge variety of hooks being made from resin or polymer clay and a lot of fun designs to choose from.

Yarn Bowls

crochet christmas gift idea - yarn bowls

Yarn bowls are a handy tool to have whilst crocheting, they help to stop your yarn rolling around all over the place. They may look like a normal bowl but they usually have a small swirl cut out of the side to feed your yarn through. There are many different types of yarn bowls out there, from ceramic chickens to wooden bowls. No matter the style you choose, a yarn bowl would make a great crochet gift this Christmas.

Crochet Books

crochet christmas gift idea - crochet books

One crochet book I know I would like to receive this Christmas is The Big Book Of Crochet Stitches. It includes tutorials for over 350 stitches ranging from beginner stitches to more advances ones so you can be sure it will be suitable for any crochet regardless of their crocheting ability. Stitch books aren’t the only type of book out there though, you can also find pattern books. These give complete instructions to make specific items such as blankets or stuffed toys. One great option for a stuffed toy pattern book would be The Big Book Of Little Amigurumi. This book contains 72 different wildly creative crochet projects.

Subscription Boxes

crochet christmas gift idea - crochet subscription box

Subscription boxes have become a big thing over the last few years and they have definitely made their way into the crochet world. Cratejoy has about 8 different crochet subscription boxes on offer ranging from $12-$32 a month. Another option would be Knitcrate, they offer an ecofriendly subscription box which comes with one skein of premium yarn as well as a knitting and crochet pattern. The final subscription box I want to share with you is from Darn Good Yarn. Their box comes with a skein of yarn, a knitting and crochet pattern as well an extra surprise gift. Subscription boxes make for amazing gifts as they are a gift that keeps on giving and they will certainly be appreciated if you decided to gift one this Christmas.

Stitch markers

crochet christmas gift idea - stitch markers

Stitch markers are tiny little accessories which are used by knitters and crocheters to mark specific parts of our projects. Whilst most crocheters will probably own some simple plastic stitch markers, there are lots of really nice stitch markers which would make great stocking fillers. If you’re looking for some Christmas themed stitch markers these Holiday Sweater Stitch Markers would be ideal. If you search on Etsy for crochet stitch markers you can find everything from cake themed markers to Harry Potter stitch markers, there is something for every crocheter.

Project bag

crochet christmas gift idea - crochet project bag

Another really simple crochet Christmas present idea is a project bag. I received one a few years ago and it always has a least one of my current projects in it. Project bags can be anything from a simple tote bag to a bigger bag with lots of pockets such as this one from The Hook Nook. You can also find personalised bags so you can add a name or phrase of your choosing. A project bag would be a great crochet gift for anyone who travels with their crochet projects. 

Row Counter

crochet christmas gift idea - row counter

A row counter is a small crochet tool which does exactly what it says on the box – counts rows. They’re really useful if you’re watching TV whilst crocheting and are likely to lose count of your stitches. The row counters that I find particularly useful are the ones that slip over your finger like this Susan Bates Digital Row Counter. Having the row counter on your finger means you’re not going to put it down and lose it amongst your yarn.

Crochet kit

crochet christmas gift idea - crochet kit

A crochet kit usually includes a crochet pattern for one item and all of the yarn and accessories needed to make it. For example, this Mini Maker Monkey Amigurumi Kit includes the pattern, a hook, yarn, stuffing, plastic eyes and a yarn needle and it’s only $9.99! It’s not just stuffed toys you can get crochet kits for, you will be able to find one for just about any project you can think of.

Crochet Merch

crochet christmas gift idea - crochet merch

Finally, we have Items which aren’t used in crochet but can be crochet themed such as this Crochet Keeps Me From Unravelling Mug. If your crocheting loved one isn’t a coffee drinker, maybe a t-shirt or hoodie with an amusing crochet quote on it would make a better Christmas gift. Of course, there are lots of other items which can be personalised for crocheters from cushions to keyrings.


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