How To Change Colours On A Graphgan

Are you ready to bring some color into your crochet projects? Today, we’re diving into one of the most exciting aspects of graphgan making: mastering color changes.

In this video tutorial, I cover everything from adding a new bobbin of yarn to knowing exactly when and when not to carry yarn across your work. These techniques are crucial for ensuring your crochet patterns come out looking clean and professional. Let’s jump right in:

Try Out Your New Color Changing Skills

If you’re eager to get started, it’s best to begin with something small or simple! Here are a few of my favorite beginner-friendly graphgan patterns that will help you get comfortable with changing colors.

  1. Mini Mountains Baby Blanket: Kickstart your graphgan journey with the Mini Mountains Baby Blanket. This pattern is straightforward yet charming, resulting in a cozy blanket that’s perfect for a little one.
  2. Ocean Waves Baby Blanket: Bring a touch of seaside tranquility into your crochet with the Ocean Waves Baby Blanket. The soothing wave design is easy to follow and creates a beautiful finished product that’s sure to be cherished.
  3. Happy Cat Coasters: Looking for a smaller project? The Happy Cat Coasters are adorable and quick to make. They’re ideal for honing your graphgan skills without committing to a larger piece.

These patterns are designed to make your introduction to graphgans enjoyable and rewarding. Pick your favorite, grab your yarn and hook, and let’s start crocheting!

Colorful Crochet Creations Await

As we wrap up our journey into mastering graphgan color changes, take a moment to feel proud of what you’ve achieved. It’s not just about switching colors—it’s about unlocking a whole new level of creativity in your crochet projects. With these techniques under your belt, you can make some truly stunning and colorful blankets.


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