If you would like an ad-free, printable version of this crochet pumpkin pattern you can find the full version of the pattern HERE.

Last autumn I released a blog post with a free crochet pumpkin pattern. This year I’ve decided to revisit the pattern, reformat it to be more beginner-friendly, add photo tutorials, and add instructions for an additional size. There are now three different sizes of pumpkins available for you to make – small, medium and large. The size of the pumpkins will depend on which weight of yarn you use but, for reference, I used worsted weight yarn and my pumpkins were sized as follows:

Small: Diameter 2.5″, Height 2″
Medium: Diameter 3.5″, Height 2.5″
Large: Diameter 5″, Height 3.5″

Monstera Throw Blanket (pattern releases August 20th)

You can use any yarn to make these little pumpkins and as they require only a small amount of yarn, they’re perfect for using up yarn left over from other projects. You don’t have to make them orange either! I made all of my crochet pumpkins in cream, greens and blues and they turned out great! I made these ones using yarn I had leftover from my Monstera Throw Blanket – a new pattern I’m releasing on August 20th (join the Willow Crochet Club to get notified of releases and receive a 10% discount!). You can see a sneak peek of the Monstera Throw pictured above if you want to see more progress photos of the blanket be sure to check out my Instagram: @Willow_Crochet.

Below you’ll find instructions to make the smallest of the crochet pumpkins. The full version of the pattern includes instructions for the medium and large sizes. It also has some really helpful photo tutorials for the assembly section and is ad-free and fully downloadable! You can find the full version HERE.


Worsted weight yarn in brown and one other colour

4mm hook


Yarn Needle

Abbreviations (US terms)

sc – single crochet

ch – chain

dec – single crochet 2 together

inc – 2 single crochet in one stitch 

st/s – stitch/es 

*  Where the pattern instructs you to repeat, repeat the instructions within the asterisks

Small Pumpkin Pattern


Round 1:  6 sc into a magic ring. (6)

Round 2: 6 inc (12)

Round 3: *inc, sc* Repeat to end of round (18)

Round 4: sc *inc, 2 sc* Repeat until 1 st remains, sc (24) 

Round 5: *inc, 3 sc* Repeat to end of round (30)

Round 6-9: sc to the end of the round (30)

Round 10: *dec, 3 sc* Repeat to end of round (24)

Round 11: sc *dec, 2 sc* Repeat until 1 st remains, sc (18)

Begin stuffing.

Round 12: *dec, sc* Repeat to end of round (12)

Add more stuffing.

Round 13: dec to end of round (6)


There are photos of this step in the full version of the pattern which you can find HERE

Fasten off leaving a very long tail. Using your yarn needle, thread the tail through the middle of the hole in the base of your pumpkin and back out through the middle of the magic ring. Now bring the tail around the outside of the pumpkin and back through the hole in the base, pulling the yarn tight. Repeat this multiple times to create the segments on the outside of the pumpkin. Finish by sewing the hole in the bottom closed and weaving in the end.


Round 1: Using brown yarn 6 sc in magic ring (6)

Round 2-3: sc to end of round.

Fasten off and sew the stalk to the top of the pumpkin.

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