Free easy beginner crochet blanket patterns

Blankets are without a doubt one of my favourite things to crochet. However, I had been crocheting for a few years before I felt ready to take on a crochet blanket project. For a long time I thought that making a blanket would be really difficult, and whilst there are plenty of advanced blanket patterns out there, there are also many beginner blanket crochet patterns. The most difficult thing about most of these beginner crochet blanket patterns will be having the patience to finish them as blankets can take a long time to complete and require some commitment.

Lot’s of crochet blankets are made with only one or two simple stitches and still look great. For example, some of the blankets in this list are made only with double crochets – it doesn’t get much easier than that. Further down the list I’ve included blanket patterns which require knowledge of front post double crochets (FPDC) or working into the back loops only (BLO). If you’re unfamiliar with these, consider looking up some tutorials as these are fairly easy stitches to learn but can really add some interesting textures to a crochet project. 

One of the great things about crocheting a blanket is that most crochet blanket patterns are really easy to customise. You can change the size of the blanket by altering how many chains you make at the beginning and how many rows you do. Changing the colour is also a really easy way to customise even the simplest of crochet blanket patterns. Just because the pattern says to use one colour of yarn doesn’t mean you have to – switch yarn every few rows to make a stripey blanket!

So, have a read through this list of beginner blanket patterns (most of which are free!) and find the perfect one for you. I have tried to put the easiest blanket patterns first and the ones which require the slightly more complex stitches further down the list. 

Easiest Afghan Ever

by Kristine Underwood


Price: Free!

It seems only right that I begin this list with a blanket pattern named ‘Easiest Afghan Ever’. That may sound like an exaggeration but after reading the pattern, I have to agree that it is the easiest blanket pattern ever. All you need to know in order to make this is how to chain and single crochet. That’s it! It really couldn’t be any easier than that.

Quick and Easy Afghan

by Kristi Simpson

Quick and easy afghan beginner crochet blanket pattern


Price: Free!

This pattern, like the previous one only requires you to know two things – how to chain and how to double crochet. Whilst a double crochet may be more difficult than a single crochet, it is a bigger stitch. This means that this blanket pattern won’t take as long to make as the one which uses only single crochets. 

Easy Baby Afghan

by Aesthetic Nest


Price: Free!

Another easy crochet blanket made with only single crochets. The difference with this one is that it is made using three strands of yarn held together. This isn’t difficult to do but you will need a large hook size to work with three strands at the same time. Using multiple strands together is an easy way to add different colours to a crochet blanket without having to do any colour changes. 

Blanket Color Blocked Stripes

by Krista Cagle

color blocked stripes easy crochet blanket pattern


Price: Free!

Just like the second pattern on this list, this beginner blanket only uses double crochets but it also has some colour changes. You can use as many different colour as you like and you’ll only need to switch colours every 14 rows. This is a nice simple blanket pattern to get used to changing colours in a project and the finished product looks great!

Easy All Double Crochet Afghan

by Kristine Underwood

Easy all double crochet beginner crochet blanket pattern


Price: Free

There’s not much difference between this blanket pattern and the previous one in how they are made but the finished products look quite different. This pattern also only uses double crochets but the colour changes are much more frequent and you’re going to have to count your rows much more closely.

Summer Stripes Blanket

by Lauren Brown

summer stripes blanket simple crochet pattern


Price: $3 (a free version is also available)

The texture on this blanket is very different to the others you’ve seen so far and that’s because it uses the half double crochet v-stitch. That may sound complicated but its not! To make this stitch you have to half double crochet, chain 1, then half double crochet again into the same stitch. There are plenty of video tutorials on how to do this and it’s really easy once you get the hang of it.

Furrow Blanket 2548

by Carla Malcomb

furrow blanket beginner crochet pattern


Price: $5.50

I mentioned in the introduction that some of these crochet blanket patterns would include back look only stitches – this is the first one. Don’t worry though, the pattern includes photo tutorials of how to do this but you may want to watch some video tutorials before committing to buying the pattern. As you can see from the photo, working into the back loops gives the blanket a completely different appearance. You’ll need some bulky yarn to make this one, which means it will be nice and cosy once complete.

Cozy Winter Blanket

by Fiorela Garcia

Cozy winter blanket easy beginner crochet blanket pattern


Price: Free!

You’ve read about working into the back loops but, did you know you can also work into the front loops? To make this blanket you’re going to have to do both. As you can see from the photo, working into front and back looks creates a really nice texture. You’ll need thick yarn to crochet this blanket which means it’ll work up really quickly and be a warm cosy blanket once it’s done.

Comforting Granny Stripe

by Kountingsheep

comforting granny stripe simple crochet blanket pattern


Price: Free!

Granny stripes are very popular in crochet. They are easy to do and can be used in a wide range of projects. In this case, they’re being used to make a super simple crochet blanket. The pattern suggests using lots of different colours of yarn but you don’t have to – this will still look great as one colour.

Granny Square Baby Blanket

by Lauren Brown

granny square baby blanket beginner crochet pattern


Price: Free!

Another blanket using the granny stitch but, this time instead of working in rows you begin in the middle and work in rounds. This gives it a different appearance to the previous blanket despite using the exact same stitch. Crocheting a blanket in this way also means you will have a perfectly square blanket regardless of your gauge. 

Hopefully this list has helped you find the perfect beginner crochet blanket pattern. Comment below to let me know which one’s your favourite and which blanket pattern you’re going to try out!


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