Ten crochet Christmas Gift ideas

It’s just over a month till Christmas, the perfect time to start making crochet Christmas gifts. Don’t do what I did last year – I waited too long to order the yarn I needed for my crocheted Christmas presents and it didn’t arrive until December 21st! I had to make 3 shawls and a pair of slippers in just a few days, I think I finished at about 11 pm on Christmas Eve. I certainly won’t be doing that this year, I’ve planned well ahead of time. Whilst planning out my gifts for this year, I thought it might be useful to share some of my crochet Christmas gift ideas with you.

I’ve made a list of what I think are the ten best crochet Christmas gift ideas. The list includes a range of different gifts so you should be able to find the perfect crochet Christmas present for any recipient. I’ve also included crochet projects which are suitable for a range of different skills levels, including a link to my recent blog post – Ten Easy Beginner Crochet Patterns. Within each category I’ve also included links to some of my favourite patterns to save you time searching for them.


crochet Christmas gift idea - owl hat

Hats are the perfect Christmas gift to crochet – there’s hundreds of patterns out there and they can be made for any age. Simple beanies can be made in no time at all and you can add fluffy pom poms for a nice finishing touch. Some of my favourite hats to make are the animal themed ones like the owl hat pictured above by Sarah Zimmerman. I’ve gifted these as Christmas presents in the past and they were a big hit.


crochet Christmas gift idea - mittens

Mittens are another fairly quick and easy crochet Christmas gift and they’ll definitely be appreciated in these winter months. There is no end of mitten patterns out there but one particular pattern has caught my eye lately – Celtic Winter Mittens by Megan Meyer. The celtic braiding around the cuff and the choice of colour used really makes these mittens stand out among the rest. The pattern is written for adult mittens but can be adjusted fairly easily to make other sizes.

Scarves and Shawls

crochet Christmas gift idea - shawl

After suggesting hats and mittens as crochet Christmas gifts, I’m sure it’s not surprising that I’m also including scarves and shawls. There slightly bigger crochet projects than the other two but they’re one of my favourite things to crochet – especially shawls using colour changing yarn. One of the most popular crochet patterns this year has to be the Pefect Pockets Shawl by Sonja Hood. This shawl would make a great crocheted Christmas Gift, it’s made with aran yarn and a fairly large hook so, despite it’s size it shouldn’t take too long to make.  


crochet Christmas gift idea - amigurumi

Amigurumi can be an amazing crochet Christmas gift and not just for children! Right now my custom orders are filled up with requests to make personalised pet amigurumis. They include the Greyhound pictured above (pattern found here) as well as a German Shepherd, a Jack Russell, a Cat and a rabbit. So if you have a friend or family member with a beloved pet you should consider crocheting a mini version of them for Christmas this year. And of course, there’s plenty of fun amigurumi patterns out there which would make the perfect crochet Christmas gift for children.


The biggest project on this list of Christmas gifts you can crochet – blankets! Even though the’re big projects, they’re not necessarily difficult to crochet. I recently wrote a blog post of Ten Easy Beginner Crochet Blanket Patterns so even if you’re still quite new to crochet you should be able to crochet a blanket for Christmas. These easy patterns are also ideal for more advanced crocheters who just want a simple pattern which won’t require difficult stitches or much counting.

Plant Pot Covers

crochet Christmas gift idea - Sleepy Fox plant pot cover

Plant pot covers have recently been a favourite of mine to crochet which is good news as I’ve been asked to make a few to be given as Christmas presents. I recently released the crochet pattern for the Sleepy Fox Plant Pot Cover pictured above. This little fox paired with a tiny pot of succulents would make a great little crocheted Christmas gift. If the fox isn’t to your tastes, there’s many other plant pot cover crochet patterns that can be found on Ravelry. 


crochet Christmas gift idea - slippers

Another crochet Christmas gift perfect for the colder winter months are slippers. The first pattern I ever designed were Hedgehog Slippers, which I gifted to a family member for Christmas one year. If the hedgehog slippers aren’t quite right for you, I recommend the Slipper Boots by Littlejohn’s Yarn. These slippers are high up on my list of patterns I want to try – they use front post and back post stitches to give them a thick texture making them warm and cosy. 


crochet Christmas gift idea - sweater

Sweaters are probably one of the more difficult projects on this list of crochet Christmas gifts. Don’t let that put you off though! I’m currently making the Easy Crochet Sweater by TCIDDY which has a great video tutorial and works up much quicker than I expected. It’s also very different from other crochet sweater patterns that I’ve seen – the rows are worked up and down rather than back and forth. 


crochet Christmas gift idea - socks

Socks are a classic Christmas gift, why not make them a little more special by crocheting them. The Segue Socks by Deanne Ramsay look amazing, if I had any fingering weight yarn in my stash I’d be making some for myself. The choice of colours by the designer works really well but of course you could make them any colour to suit the recipient. 


crochet Christmas gift idea - earrings

The final suggestion I have for crochet Christmas presents is Jewelry. Earrings seem to be a very popular crochet item, my Instagram feed seems to be filled with them! There’s so many different designs I’ve seen, everything from rainbows to radishes. The great thing about crochet earrings is that they’re really small so they won’t take long to make. I found this Applebloom Earrings pattern by Oksana Volytska which I think would make a great crochet Christmas gift.

I hope this list has given you some inspiration for crochet Christmas gift ideas. Let me know in the comments below what crocheted gifts you’re giving this year! 


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