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Granny squares are iconic in crochet! The classic granny square is often one of the first things new crocheters learn to make – its simple design works up quickly, making it perfect for beginners. I’ve heard many people say that their first crochet projects were giant granny square blankets made up of crazy colour combinations! However, granny squares aren’t just for crochet beginners, once you’re a little more advanced you can try out some of the more elaborate granny squares such as the Ditsy Daisy Granny Squares pictured below. Squares aren’t the only shape you can crochet either, you can find patterns for granny triangles, granny rectangles and granny hexagons!

What do you do with all your little granny squares once you’ve made a pile of them? The most obvious answer would be to sew them together to make a blanket but, there’s a whole range of crochet projects that use granny squares. When you search the crochet pattern section of Ravelry for ‘Granny Square’ there are 17,280 results and those patterns include everything from clothing to amigurumi. Whilst I certainly haven’t looked at all 17,280 granny square patterns I have managed to pick ten of my favourites from the ones I have seen to share with you. As with all of my top ten crochet pattern lists I’ve tried to include patterns suitable for all ability levels in the hope that there is something for everyone! 

I hope you find your next granny square pattern in this list – let me know in the comments which one is your favourite!

Spring Rainbow Granny Square Pattern 


By crochetbyredagape

The bright colours, flowers and pom-poms on this blanket would fit perfectly in a nursery! The centre of each granny square is made to look like a tiny flower and the rest of the square is just simple double crochets.

Canal Barge Jumper 


By Fran Morgan

The brightly coloured granny squares which run down the sleeves really make this sweater pop! The rest of the sweater is made using the granny stitch making it a great first sweater project.

Fish In The Pond 


By Lena Fedotova

With all of the triangles visible in this blanket pattern it’s not obvious at first glance that it is in fact made from granny squares. The illusion of triangles is created by making each side of the granny square a different colour with the split going across the diagonal.

Granny Square Shoulder Bag 


By Sweetpeafamily

The best thing about this pattern is that it can be easily sized up or down depending on how big you make the granny square. If the muted grey tones of this bag aren’t your style – be sure to check out the project page to see a fun rainbow version!

Riverstone Hat & Scarf Set 


By MJsOffTheHook

Making a hat out of granny squares may sound complicated but it’s not with this pattern! Not only do you get a hat pattern but also a matching scarf pattern too – both are made with bulky weight yarn to keep you nice and warm.

Fingerless Granny Square Mitts 


By Lullaby Lodge

Another easily adjustable pattern – change your hook size to make sure these fingerless mitts fit your hand. With just two granny squares and some ribbing needed for this pattern, they won’t take long to make!

Flower Patch Poncho

Free pattern

By Paintbox Yarns

This is definitely not your basic granny square! The bright colours and textured flowers really make this poncho stand out! The best thing about this amazing poncho pattern – it’s free!

Revival Cardigan 


By Jess Coppom Make & Do Crew

With all those granny squares you may be thinking you’ll need to do lots of sewing in this project but that’s not the case! In this cardigan pattern (which includes video tutorials) you’ll learn how to join squares as you go – the entire cardigan is seamless!

Basket with Granny Squares Edge

Free pattern

By Schachenmayr

This simple pattern is perfect for beginners! Basic stitches are used for the majority of the basket with granny squares used around the brim to add a bit of colour.

Granny Square Owl 


By Linda Morris Tomlin

This little owl might be my favourite on the list! If you’re intimidated by amigurumi but you can make granny squares this is the pattern for you. The pattern gives you the choice of joining squares as you go or sewing them all together at the end.

What is your favourite granny square pattern? Let me know in the comments below!

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